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Soviet tank Afghanistan Soldiering t Afghanistan
Afghan army's rusty tank relics still roll into battle
Soviet troops on the move in Afghanistan, mid-1980s. #
Faizabad, Afghanistan, 2008. Soviet Army leftovers make a popular local playground in war
Soviet soldiers at rest between combats in Afghanistan - Stock Image
Taliban soldiers in Russian-made tanks fire on the forces of former Afghan defense minister
As Trump doubles down on Afghanistan, Russians shake their heads
Soviet soldiers direct tank traffic outside Kabul on January 7, 1980. Tank units had set up positions all around the capital city. #
Lt. Dur Mohammed, who oversees much of his battalion's maintenance, sits in the turret of an Afghan army tank. He says he gets no new parts for the tanks ...
A Russian T-55 main battle tank rests in an armor junkyard in Kunduz,
A tank of the Russian occupation force in the Ukrainian Donbas got stuck in a trench
Soviet T-64 advancing, Soviet-Afghan War
20 years ago the last Soviet soldiers left Afghanistan
25 years since Soviet withdrawal from Afghanistan
A derelict T-64 Russian tank, abandoned after the Soviet invasion war and withdrawal from Afghanistan 1979-1989. Photo taken by a member of the 1st ...
File:T-62s and T-62Ms Afghanistan.JPEG
The Soviets ended up mired in a decade-long war, and eventually lost to
A boy hangs from the barrel of an abandoned Soviet cannon at an Afghan army compound
Soviet troops in tanks. Soviet troops waving as they leave Afghanistan
Russian T-62 tanks in Afghanistan
Soviet T-62M main battle tank withdraws from Afghanistan
It was the last hot conflict of the Cold War: the Soviet invasion and occupation of Afghanistan between Christmas 1979 and February 1989.
Soviet troops and tank crew in Afghanistan, Soviet-Afghan War
An Afghan woman pulls weeds in a potato field by an old rusted Russian military tank
The Soviet War in Afghanistan, 1979 - 1989
Buzkashi afghanistan tank soviet
Soviet Soldiers Afghanistan 1987
A convoy of Soviet tanks ...
RIAN archive 58833 Withdrawal of Soviet troops from Afghanistan.jpg
by Edward B. Westermann
Soviet T 62 tank in Afghanistan, pin by Paolo Marzioli
An Afghan boy walks by a destroyed Soviet made helicopter in Kabul in this picture taken February 5, 2009. February 15th marks 20 years since the last ...
Image: Mujahedeen guerrillas on captured Russian T-55 tank in 1987
An Afghan National Army soldier sits on a World War II Russian T-134 tank
Afghan T-62 Tanks in Action
Soviet soldiers taking a rest in Afghanistan, ca 1980 [800x525] ...
Two Afghan soldiers of the Afghan Minist
25 years since Soviet withdrawal from Afghanistan
A captured Soviet soldier in The Beast. Sony Pictures capture. “
Image. The Afghan ...
Afghan National Army soldiers stand near an armored military tank at a square in Kabul,
Soviet Troops in Afghanistan Mod
Afghan mujahideen fighters with Jamayat-E-Islami and a captured government Soviet made T
Abandoned Soviet tanks, Afghanistan.
A column of armored personnel vehicles rides on the way from Herat to Kushka as Soviet troops return home from Afghanistan in 1988.
A Russian T-62 main battle tank rest in an armor junkyard in Kunduz,
Boozing through the Soviet–Afghan War was More Horrifying than You Can Imagine
Soldiers ready a tank in the Afghan capital city of Kabul on February 22, 1989
A Canadian soldier walks past an abandoned Soviet-era tank during a foot patrol in
Afghanistan marks the 29th anniversary of the end of the Soviet-Afghan War, Kandahar
Soldiers of the Afghan Ministry of Defen
Discovery: Soviet officers and soldiers leave their base outside Afghan capital Kabul as they return
Red Army soldiers stand for review on October 19, 1986, in downtown Kabul during a parade, shortly before they returned to the Soviet Union. Afghanistan's ...
Old Soviet armored personnel carriers, tanks and artillery litter the countryside and cities of Afghanistan
Afghanistan is right here! Lies, myths and legends
In Afghanistan and Chechnya one of the most beloved weapons of the Soviets/Russians was the Shilka. Not bad for an anti-aircraft weapon in a war where the ...
Afghan National Army soldiers happily posing on an old piece of Soviet armament.
In this Thursday, June 13, 2013 file photo, Afghan National Army soldiers stand
Afghanistan marks the 29th anniversary of the end of the Soviet-Afghan War, Kandahar
This is Why Russia's T-80 Tank Is a Total Disaster
Italian Soldiers In Afghanistan
Armoured warrior fails to protect UK troops in Afghan blast – Channel 4 News
Afghanistan's tank battalion is melting away
Kitoz 2018 New WW2 World War II Soviet Army VS Afghan Army Soldiers Figure Military Building
soviet TANK AND afghan BOY
A Soviet unit pictured prior to their withdrawal from Afghanistan, 1989. Source: A
Interested in Afghanistan?
(An ex-Polish, ex-Soviet, ex-Afghan FT-17 which was gifted back to Poland by Afghanistan in October 2012. Relatively intact, this particular tank had been ...
During the war in Afghanistan a Soviet tank crew commanded by a tyrannical officer find themselves lost and in a struggle against a band of Mujahadeen ...
Soviet Afghanistan Helicopter Crash
And Americans Were Terrified In 1979, Soviet Troops Were in Cuba … And Americans Were Terrified
Broken barrel of Soviet or Afghan T-62 has seen in image, Soviet-Afghan War.
Soviet armored vehicles being loaded onto trains in Termez, Uzbekistan, after being withdrawn from Afghanistan in 1988. Credit V. Kiselev/Sputnik, ...
Afghan woman and boy walk by a tank in Kabul, 2004
Russian tank crew. Russia is unwilling to commit ground troops to the mission. "
Sergei Krasnoperov, a former POW who stayed in Afghanistan after converting to Islam, with
Fighting near Deir ez-Zor (archive photo)
Afghanistan War
Game Changer: Tanks to Afghanistan. My MGS Vehicle overwatching ANA dismounts in the Zhari District
Soviet soldiers work with two German Shepherd dogs trained to sniff out explosives in and around their base near Kabul on May 1, 1988.
Russian soldiers in Afghanistan
Afghan soldiers at Camp Shaheen
Afghan army has demanded that the departing Nato forces equip them with drones, aircrafts and
Photojournalist Robert Nickelsberg has been covering Afghanistan for 25 years. He first shot there on