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PSO2 (PC, JPN Voice) HQ - Avatar Ryona 02. My Ryona
What we also see here for the first time is item drops. Unsurprisingly they've stuck with the style of the older games, but the actual graphics are now ...
PSO2 - How to turn off interface for screenshots
White Crystal Quartz Dragon
Cambiando Austere Shooter [PSO2]
【PSO2】Affixing 2 Special ability factors at the same time
Also, some tidbits with the new XQs:
PSO2 Time attack Quest:Naberius (Shortcut)
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Odin Limited Quest
Whether you want AO or not, that is up to you. Here is Lavendy using No AO and HBAO+
This batch of quests seems set to include each planet's second area; Tundra, Mines and DRAGONLAND respectively. Datamining reveals that the Advance Capsules ...
These two are funny.
Las Vegas Limited Quest
It's mostly the shoes and the weird way it bends around my character's hips that I don't like. Still waiting for a perfect full body suit.
Nestled deep within the strange land of the Black Shroud lies Odin, a primal knight sheathed in ebony armor, awaiting worthy challengers.
Support Partnersss
Las Vegas Esca Ragnus
[PSO2] Nvidia Inspector + ShadowPlay
Richard on Twitter: "Standing Sign Works even when SS won't. Activates as long as your character is "still" for 1 second. #PSO2… "
Las Vegas Falz Double
pso20160908_123420_033 by Lina PSO2, auf Flickr
When you reach the 8th PSE level, you will achieve a PSE Burst. The effects increase dramatically for a limited time. You can extend the time of the PSE ...
The FOmarl, going all Gambit on us. The Talis is one of the new weapon types that will be present in the upcoming closed beta test.
A new Playstation 4 theme is now available at the Japanese PlayStation Store!
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These two are funny.
Rewards include the Hunar Wing Series
... a picture from some EQ Triggers my team ran on #pso2 day, mom glitching out, and a couple pictures of Atropos's new-ish lookpic.twitter.com/cB6z53JzRO
KuroSan Espada #メンテの日なのでssを貼る #PSO2 #pso2で聖杯戦争 Support Vale3neko on Patreon -https://bit.ly/2xFg1T4 Support Vale3neko on TrueWallet (TH) ...
THIS right here, I like (the body paint possibilities!). Want more outfits that are somewhat grounded in modern fashion.
PSO2 EQ Base Defense Training: VR XH First Try Failed
NextTime on PSO2 в Twitter: "forgot to take some pictures for #メンテの日なのでSS貼る this week; so here's a picture from some EQ Triggers my team ran on ...
in PSO2 #PSO2 #メンテの日なのでssを貼る #卯月のフォトアルバムpic.twitter.com/i2XAeqtJvu
Planet Lillipa expands with another area called the Subterranean Tunnels! Below the desert exists a facility that the previous civilization left behind.
Nice to have a clearer picture of the Guild Ha- er Team Room! Although the site itself doesn't state so, I believe you still need to earn 3000 Team Points ...
PSO2 - Inbound Dark Arms - Hard Mode
PSO2 Odin Shin-Zantetsuken
PSO2 JP Assault Rifle Photon Arts YouTube 720p
PSO2 Station #19 Recap
PSO2 EQ 40
Gothic Style
PSO2 Odin Gungnir
Managed To Get My First 14* !
First of all, the new Arks lobby seems to be really big. It looks a lot nicer than the lobby we had for the alpha tests, so yeah I don't think I'm ...
http://i.imgur.com/gCQs3is.jpg ...
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【PSO2】Life in Lobby Ship1 | SEA PV
Unfortunately, that's not going to be much notice for those of us state-side, as that will be around 6am EST (5am CST, 4am MST, 3am PST).
Use the + or – buttons to change what amount of items you want to buy at the ...
i couldn't even finish the CF
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itiyan's artwork is somewhat distinctive compared to the rest.
Most of the native enemies on the islands are weak against Dark element attacks. There will however be no dark techs released with this update ...
With the havoc in Las Vegas, the ARKS New Year's celebrations haven't gone quite as planned. Xie returns red-faced to offer players client orders to help ...
ss (2014-01-29 at 10.12.40)
The next level of difficulty, Very Hard, will be added along with raising the class level cap to 50. Both of those along with a new way of developing your ...
Cook up delectable dishes with Ida by trading in your gathered food at the Cuisine Shop! Cuisine are consumable items, capable of granting temporary effects ...
Extreme Quests take place in the previously mentioned “tower” content, which was renamed “difficultquest” some time ago. The quest is split into floors, ...
アイテム ...
Christmas Lobby
She calls you Sempai, that posture sure doesn't convey respect. As for height, my character's height is usually 152cm, so yeah, Io be short.
And ...
Credit goes to ...
Advance Risk, which is acquired upon clearing Advance Quests, will increase the levels of the enemies as well as the appearance rate of boosted enemies.
(I'm one of the it itell's rappies cause I'm a cheapskate, I'll go King Rappy next time!)
Bi-En, the talking Dinian from Chapter 4, is set to turn up again in Chapter 6. I wonder if there'll be a pre-condition to make him show up?
May 22nd Stream
I also voted for Vlad Bram for the Males division, as I can't stand the Seiga crew, and there's no way in hell Orochi Agito will translate into 3D well.
Also, uploading some PSO2 musics on Youtube when i got enough time to do it, i might have what you're looking for : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCHr.
It may be used to expand on other functions in the room as well, but it hasn't really been explained.
Nvidia and AMD Anti-Aliasing and SweetFX Guide [Archive] - Page 2 - PSO-World.com
Finishing off December, PSO2 was at the Akihabara Games Festa 2011. During which, I stayed up to ungodly hours on the 23rd to catch a pair of presentations.
A new feature introduced in this update will allow you to temporarily halt the effects of boost items. This feature can be accessed from the Drink Menu and ...
The Event NPC Shii (Xie) in a Santa Costume will be distributing Client Orders between December 5th to December 26th.
Excelling at mobility, these weapons will allow you to reach high in the sky thanks to the addition of a double jumping ability. This weapon will feature ...
Alca | PSO2 @Ship2
Video weapons spoiller
pso20160908_122823_027 by Lina PSO2, auf Flickr
Strike Gust Type-0. Hold down the button to ...
In addition, you can add up to 3 [Search Tags] for your outfit. Lastly, you'll have the option of selecting a [Lobby Action] and [Expression] to pose in the ...
Link page http://pso2.jp/players/update/20121107/