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Delta rune | Tumblr
Delta rune | Tumblr
by: nighttimepixels.tumblr.com. Melissa Platsko · Delta Rune
#ralsei #susie #kris #deltarune #delta_rune
First of all, since they did not return in time with the chalk, it is unlikely that alphys will let susie go with frisk again, but I also think it is ...
Ralsei from delta rune is done! Huzzah!! He had the simplest design to make!
#delta rune#so i beat this game last night and i have SO MANY QUESTIONS#ralsei#undertale
My favorite part of Delta Rune is when Lancer went over his troll biology head canons for 1 hour
so here was my first impression of deltarune. so far, i likes what i sees.
I love one (1) bastard
19KiB, 631x471, Deltarune.png
#undertale#deltarune#kris#my post#i tried super hard to get this to post in the tumblr video player but to no avail#wtf#anyways i used after effects for the ...
deltarune | Tumblr
3. recently played deltarune ...
What a cute little family~! - - - -♥️credit: winged-
Sorry lancer - - - -♥️credit: spongeslime on tumblr♥ -[tags:] #deltarune #ralsei #susie #suzie #kris #krisisthataweed #deltarunesoundtrack #gaming ...
MaxieDash 9 0 DELTA RUNE by sfirdausia
pink fictional character purple clip art
*That is the best comic I've ever seen of Deltarune, really.
shitty pranks are MY thing #deltarune #deltarunespoilers #deltarunekris #deltaruneralsei
-[tags:] #deltarune #ralsei #susie #suzie #kris #krisisthataweed #deltarunesoundtrack #gaming #gamer #soundtrack #preciousbabyboy #ralseiissuperior #cute ...
Painfully aware that it won't work. F u n . - - - -
when ralsei finds rule 34 ...
[ #deltarune spoilers . delta rune spoilers . deltarune spoilers !!!!!!!!!!!!!! ] . . . . . . . . . CAN I GET THE BIGGEST ...
Undertale - How to Truly Reset After a Genocide Run (MAJOR SPOILERS) - YouTube
digs self out of grave so bout that new game huh
I drew the Delta Rune crew on this notebook thing for school. I'm
#undertaleau #undertale #deltarune #undertaleralsei #undertaleasriel
Gaming News Deltarune
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Odd Plays Delta Rune || Episode 3
Waking up on your own vs waking up with an alarm Credit to theskeletongames .
I-I hope we can be good friends ^~^ . . . “welcome to
» XCOM meets FTL at sea in tactical RPG Depth Of Extinction, setting sail todaybloodysword
Deltarune Platform: PC | Time played: 3,5 hours | Beaten in November If you asked me a week ago what game I will be playing, I wasn't expecting to write ...
-I love clover so damn much,love them qwq .
HWDE | Part 30 - The Search for Cia | Hyrule Warriors
Delta Rune part 2 (ralsei hug simulator)
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AYOOOOO IM BACK PEOPLE 🔥🔥🔥🔥 Sry about the super long break 😂 -
Clowns & Ralsei Conspiracy : PGP Plays DeltaRune Chapter 1 - Part 6
'Deltarune' Is the Sequel 'Undertale' Deserves
Deltarune Review
» 'Fortnite' cube is burning runes in ground, messing with gravitybloodysword
Isn't this what you W A N T E D ? - - - -♥️credit: faimrs
*Gn ily uwu ♥ - - - I love art like this - - - 🎨© : tovanori - - - Source: Tumblr - - - Tags: #deltarune #Undertale #undertale2 #chara #frisk #kris ...
I enjoyed Let's Go Pikachu, and when the first "main" Pokémon game comes to the Nintendo Switch, I can see myself giving it a go.
Cry Plays: Delta Rune [P2] [Final]
Undertale aaron-bof2
Delta rune animation - Jevil vs Kris Susie and Ralsei
-♥️credit: le-poofe ♥ - -[tags:] #deltarune #ralsei #susie #suzie #kris #krisisthataweed #deltarunesoundtrack #gaming #gamer #soundtrack ...
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Undertale frisk-ness
Minecraft - - - -♥️credit: hiirenvirna on Tumblr♥ -[tags
hazu_t. calm down kris — i finished delta rune yday !! ralsei is m
Delta Rune Theory-Short Story od · "
Nintendo delivers its big fall direct, revealing new games like Luigi's Mansion 3 and Animal Crossing as well as providing updates to others like Super ...
⠀⠀⠀♤ [Art Credit: on Tumblr]♤ ― ♡━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━♡ ― ⠀⠀ ⠀♥ [Like and follow for more Deltarune ...
Toby Fox
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3030 Deathwar Redux is currently available for $14.99, with a special 34% discount through March 20th that takes the price to under $9.99.
Chara, Anime, Frisk, Geek Stuff, Fandoms, Games, Rpg Maker,
Awesome Music / Undertale
[SPOILERS] An instance of the Delta Rune I haven't seen talked about. : Undertale
The next generation loves playing Fortnite -- and that should mean esports gold
Deltarune is literally so good it makes my heart very happy. This fluffy boy was
Hi Im gonna repost stuff until I get back to feeling better #undertale #mewmewkissycutie
Delta Rune (Undertale 2) [Genocide/Secret Boss Run] - Part 1
Cherik Imagines od LailaWrites_
*My favorite princes. What is your fav prince? Ralsei or Lancer?
❝gσσ∂вує, му ѕωєєт fℓσωєя...❞ [An Asriel and Chara story. #LovePF] | Undertale Amino
Looking to hear some heated thoughts about how the journey ended? Brandon, Brad, and Huber are finally ready to trade opinions about this divisive game, ...
3030 Deathwar Redux is currently available for $14.99, with a special 34% discount through March 20th that takes the price to under $9.99.
[ IMG]
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Trying to stay Ralsei's freind while doing bad things in Deltarune
I played delta rune with my mates jaz and George (@sirennade @duckmasterbob)
Deltarune Characters Sketchdump by Kaossolver
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