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VEDETTES EXPLOSIVES Kriegsmarine t Landing craft
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German U-Boat Types by Conning Bridge Tower Design.
PT boat
CRDA 60 t motor torpedo boat
Battle of Leyte Gulf, 1944. USS PT 321 picking up Japanese survivors in Surigao Strait, October 1944. Note second man in the water alongside PT.
U-Boat ~ German U-Boot with a quadruple 20mm cannon mount and two
After growing up hearing about the actions int he English Channel between the British Navy's MTB (Motor Torpedo Boats) and the German "E-Boats" we had ...
Graf Zeppelin ~ BFD
Book Review Book Reviews, Boats, Art, Strength, Craft Art, Kunst,
STRAIT OF MESSINA A barge of Siebel Ferry Flak the German Kriegsmarine Assembly, in this case, an 88 mm cannon.
Vosper 73 ft motor torpedo boat
The German Kriegsmarine developed the famous fast attack craft Schnellboot or “S” Class during the 1930's to meet this fast attack need for their Navy.
A Royal Navy motor launch assists landing craft to reach Gold Beach on 6 June
This is one of the S-7-class boats, S-13. The Chinese Navy operated three boats of this class.
1942, Ukraine, Crimée, Un sous-marin italien de poche dans un port
U-boot type IX
LPD-21 NEWYORK, built by master modeler Kim hyun-soo, south korea. Landing CraftLego ...
German torpedo boat Seeadler
December of 2017: we were sent some new details about the upcoming release of a new version of Italeri's 1/35th scale S-38 Schnellboot.
It has a cartoon of a mosquito dropping a torpedo labeled KNOWLEDGE on a startled enemy ship. KNOW YOUR PT BOAT IT DOESN'T MEAN A THING IF YOU ...
Like Lamb's book, one of the very best by a participating ship's Captain - of corvettes and destroyers, from the earliest bad days to ...
6 June 1944 - In their landing craft, American infantrymen approach Omaha Beach. Their rifles are wrapped in waterproof film to protect them from the water.
A very cool plastic model display of 1/35 Vosper plastic model military ship @
SMS A-2 1915 (1/1250) ...
Motor Torpedo Boat PT-59
The Higgins Boat
Motor Gun Boat [show article only]
6 June 1944 - A landing craft hit by enemy fire burns as it approaches Omaha Beach. Copyright US National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) - US ...
Assault boat
5 June 1944 - A convoy of landing craft carrying troops and vehicles of the 13th and 18th Royal Hussars heads for Normandy. Copyright Imperial War Museums ...
Coastal Forces of the Royal Navy
SMS Königin Luise 1914 (1/1250) ...
Royal Yugoslav Navy - Image: Bundesarchiv Bild 101I 185 0116 22A, Bucht von Kotor
This new S-Boat in their range is packed with interesting features, parts and decals. See what's inside in our inbox review.
7 June 1944 - British soldiers landing on one of the Normandy beaches. Copyright Imperial War Museums (A 24012)
RU13 Stalnoi SM-1&2 ...
Royal Yugoslav Navy - Image: Bundesarchiv Bild 101I 185 0116 27A, Bucht von Kotor
http://vimpel.boinaslava.net/images/Vedette.jpg · http://vimpel.boinaslava.net/images/pic ... e_1928.jpg
G-5-class motor torpedo boat [show article only]
USS Endicott (DD-495)
Italeri has launched their new whopping S-38 Schnellboot in 1/35th scale, and our mission is to build it up for you in a helpful construction guide.
Classe Huchuan
German torpedo boat Leopard
SMS Kronprinz Erzherzog Rudolf - Image: SMS Kronprinz Erzherzog Rudolf
... length of 35 meters and a displacement, full load, of over 100 tons. Thanks to its 12 cylinders Daimler Benz engines the S-38 was able to reach a speed ...
http://vimpel.boinaslava.net/images/pic ... e_1928.jpg
-28006.jpg ...
Fairmile D motor torpedo boat
Motor Torpedo Boat - MTB-460 of the Royal Canadian Navy
USS Blakely (TB-27)
D'Estienne d'Orves 1972 (1/1250) ...
Over 200 S-boats had been built, of which about 50% made it to the end of WW2.This famous fast attack craft was used by the German Navy (Kriegsmarine) ...
Best Ship type of All Time
This famous fast attack craft was used by the German Navy (Kriegsmarine) during the Second World War with some great successes that often outshone the ...
PT-109 design with forward and aft guns, two twin (double-barrelled) 50s near center by cockpit on circular mounts, note 4 torpedo tubes, two on each side ...
6 June 1944 - Troops of the 3rd Canadian Infantry Division landing at Bernières in the Juno Beach sector. Copyright Library and Archives Canada, ...
Motor torpedo craft
USS Callisto (AGP-15)
MGB 316 at speed
Osa class
Luftwaffe Seaplane tenders derived from Krischan; Karl Meyer, Max Stinsky, Immelmann, Boelcke.
The design of the Imperial Japanese Navy (IJN) Kongo class battle-cruisers originated from Great Britain. At first the new warships were to follow the Royal ...
Pipie-line étant enroulé sur un tambour flottant Conundrum dans le cadre de l'opération Pluto, juin 1944. Copyright Imperial War Museums (T 32)
Intrepide 1916 (1/1250), Similar type Cordoba 1937 (1/1250), Similar type Aetos (1/1250) ...
... the S-38"b" class (later the S-100 Class) that has already been released by Italeri? Well firstly the designation 'b' is not Kriegsmarine nomenclature, ...
Prinz Eugen (May 1945)
World War II / War in Europe and Africa
HMS Lightning, the first modern torpedo boat, built in 1876
The BIG box.
MAS (motorboat) - The Italian torpedo boat MAS 528 on Lake Ladoga in June
Royal Yugoslav Navy - Image: Austro Hungarian torpedo boat flotilla
Hunt-class destroyer
Ready, Aye, Ready ...
SMS Kronprinz Erzherzog Rudolf - Kronprinz Erzherzog Rudolf c. 1915 as a station ship in
Operation Jungle
Italian MS 472, post-war configuration
L'US Navy déploie le porte-aéronefs d'assaut amphibie USS Bataan (classe Wasp) devant les côtes libyennes
Widder HSK3 / Neumark, Widder HSK3 (1/1250) ...