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Tohru loves Kyo Oh the feels are coming back And hitting hard
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Kyo x Tohru I ship it so much I can't ship here with yuki because they didn't go through as much together as her a Kyo
Kyo and Tohru
This is one of my favorite parts of the magna. I just love the expressions of Kyo and the determination of Tohru.
Kyo x Tohru
Kyo and Tohru Fruits Basket
Kyo x Tohru | Fruits Basket
Fruits Basket, Tohru protecting Momiji...right after this she got hurt by Akito too :'(
Fruits Basket 86 - Page 9 Kyo And Tohru, Fruits Basket Manga, Manga Couple
Fruit basket Fruits Basket Kyo, Kyo And Tohru, Anime Shows, Noragami, Anime
Kyo & Tohru | Fruits Basket! | Pinterest | Fruits basket, Basket and Fruits basket anime
Kyo and Tohru hugging. This is so damn happy. I can't stop crying at this. It is so awesome that he does not change into the cat so him and Tohru can ...
Kyo+From+Fruits+Basket | Kyo and Tohru - Fruits Basket- Kyo and Tohru Image (12880981) - Fanpop .
Kyo and Tohru how cute
Tohru and Kyo
If you haven't read Fruits Basket, you probably haven't read any shojo manga in the last 10 years. This is the manga that kept Tokyopop alive from 2004 to ...
Kyo and Tohru from Fruits Basket
Kyo: ...
Fruits Basket Motivator by xDojikko.deviantart.com on @deviantART. Um I would fall off 50 cliffs for Kyo <3
animequotes1.jpg. Quotes by Kyo, Tohru ...
Yupp that's Tohru
Hidden Urges (Kyo x Tohru)
Tags: Fruits Basket, Honda Tohru, Sohma Kyo, Ronri
Orange Cat (Fruits Basket• Kyo X Kana OC -Lemon)
Manga / Fruits Basket
Tohru as a child.
List of Fruits Basket chapters
She is the only daughter of Kyoko and Katsuya, both who are dead from an unnatural cause. After Yuki and Shigure discovered Tohru living in a tent on their ...
A two-page spread showing a teenage girl in a Japanese school uniform, behind
'Compared To Them' (Tohru x Reader) by MagiArtist on DeviantArt
Stalked( Kyo Sohma love story)
Tohru, Kyo, Yuki, and Shigure - Fruits Basket
Can the Cat love? (Kyo Sohma x DepressedReader)
FUNimation release of Fruits Basket complete series release
Kyo ...
Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon
Kyo tries to escape. But Shigure stops him
A fruit basket fanfic
Kagura: Kyo! Why did you run away for so long? You didn't call me... Or send a card... Where were you? Oh darling.
Kyo as a child.
Amy-pink 33 18 Tohru x Kyo - sunset by Airashaii
Commish: Kyo Sohma x Reader: Stolen Hearts by AngelicMikasa on DeviantArt
Reader x Kyo Pt 9 by K-chann on DeviantArt
The FoxGirl (Kyo Sohma Love Story)
Reader x Kyo Pt 3 by K-chann on DeviantArt
Honda Kyoko was Tohru's mother, and Katsuya's wife. Through out her years in high school, she was call a Yankee.
Kyo X Tohru - Fruits Basket
I love you.
Tohru hit Kyo with her bag. Poor Kyo.
Kisa x momiji (fruits basket fanfic)
Kyo x bullied!reader Is This My Goodbye?
Kyo x Tohru
The Brave one (Kyo Soma Love Story)
When ...
Tohru and Kyo by jojosawrusrex.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt
YEEEEEEEEE <33333333 such an emotional moment between the two. Kyo finally told tohru he could have saved her mom, kyoko, from being hit by the car and dying
The Undying Curse (A fruits basket Fanfiction)
One is optimistic and the other is self-hating. I'm pretty certain YP's is more accurate, Tohru is notoriously hard on herself.pic.twitter.com/Nj8yzy1bNN
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Main Characters
... love interest than Yuuki, mostly because I like getting to know Kyo better, and Yuuki just came off flat to me at times (but he's beginning to change ...
Tohru with Kyo.
a La La, A wonderful feeling, Love & Life La La La, Loveable, Love & Life
Flip to back Flip to front
AA T ¶ ⒞
Pain, Shame and Love - Kyo x Yuki
Honda Tohru
Honda Katsuya
Little Kitty ( Kyo Sohma Love Story)
Yet, while tohru was laying there unconcious. Kyo knows he loves her. And kisses her. THERE FIRST KISS <333333333 YEEEEEE
Tohru bumped her head... deliberately
But point goes to TP for this gag here. The more literal Japanese version doesn't work as a joke in English, even if that's directly what he's ...
If it bothers you that much, tonight I'll sleep in Tohru's room.
( Kyo Sohma x Reader )
Tohru while helping Yuki out with his secret vegetable garden.
Jacob Chapman on Twitter: "Uo's not really gruff in this scene, so Yen Press' version is more accurate. She's not just saying Tohru's comfortable here so I ...