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Portuguese Soldier with Super Bazooka Portuguese Colonial
-Portuguese Soldier with Super Bazooka !
Colonial War: The wounds of the Portuguese Vietnam in Africa
Portuguese commando with an AR10.
Portuguese Army "Comandos" with Bazookas in Guinea - Colonial War (1972) World
Portuguese soldiers in Angola - Colonial War 1961/74
Portuguese Army Sergeant Angola, Africa Military Units, Military Police, Angola Africa, Army
Portuguese Paratrooper - African Colonial War 1961-1974 Congo Crisis, Military Units, Military
Portuguese Paratrooper with AR10 gun - African Colonial War 1961-74 Military Photos, Military
AR10. Joel Russ · Portuguese Colonial Wars .
Portuguese Paratroopers- African Colonial War 1961/74 Paratrooper, Armada, Us Marines,
Portuguese army on patrol with mine detectors - African colonial war 1961-1974 World Conflicts
Portuguese soldiers - African Colonial War 1961-74
Portuguese Soldiers of the Colony Macau Defending the walls of…
Portuguese Army soldiers in the beginning of the War in Angola. The camouflage uniforms and the FN FAL assault rifles identify them as Caçadores Especiais.
Training of FNLA soldiers in Zaire. By most accounts, Portugal's counterinsurgency ...
Portuguese soldier Mozambique 1974. World Conflicts, Army Uniform, Paratrooper, Military Photos,
Austrian. m/948 9mm FBP. The only Portuguese designed weapon.
Portuguese troops board NRP Nuno Tristão frigate in Portuguese Guinea, during amphibious Operation Trident (Operação Tridente), 1964
A PAIGC checkpoint in 1974. Portugal ...
Guerra Colonial Portuguesa.jpg
Portuguese soldier with black Afro-Portuguese child, a monument to the Portuguese Overseas Territories' Heroes (Heróis do Ultramar), in Coimbra, Portugal.
Guerra colonial / Portuguese Colonial War (1961-1974)
Equestrian statue of Joaquim Mouzinho de Albuquerque (1855-1902), a famous Portuguese soldier.
“The Wagon Box Fight” ~30 U.S. Army Soldiers of the.
A Portuguese Air Force Alouette III helicopter deploying paratroopers armed with 7.62mm ArmaLite AR-10 rifles during an assault operation in Angola.
The Battle of Marracuene in 1895. The Battle of Coolela in 1895. Portugal's colonial ...
Monument in Lisbon to Portuguese soldiers who died in the Overseas War (1961–1976).
Portuguese military parade in Luanda, Angola.
200-pounder Espalhafato "Touro" (Bull), wrought iron gun cast at Goa, Portugal in the 16th century. This stone-throwing gun was used in siege operations.
A Portuguese F-84 Thunderjet being loaded with ordnance in the 1960s, at Luanda Air Base.
Image is loading BRITAINS-WORLD-WAR-2-ALLIES-17642-U-S-30TH-
Portuguese Marines (Fuzileiros) in Angola - Colonial War 1961/74
A re-enactor portrays a Rhodesian Light Infantry trooper, circa 1979. The primary
A Portuguese Soldier Giving a goodbye kiss to his wife before.
The Battle of Coolela in 1895. Portugal's colonial ...
Portuguese Army rifles, early repeating rifles and magazine-fed bolt-action rifles.
Here is the uniform and equipment used in the "Portuguese hunter on short patrol - Late 60's (1)" impression. I used the earlier pattern M64 combat belt, ...
Portuguese Infantry "Caçadores" in Guiné (Guinea) 1968 - Colonial War
Soldiers. From up to down: -Infantryman -Paratrooper -Recon -Tanker -Pilot -General
Howitzer 15-cm 14 C.Q.F. Schneider-Canet du Bocage (France & Portugal), Automobile Battery, 1899-1903.
43-pounder Águia (Eagle) bronze gun cast in 1550 in Portuguese India. This gun was mainly used in siege operations. This gun weighs 3,865 kg and has a ...
The Super Bazooka crew consisted of four men (operator, assistant, and two ammunition carriers) and was included in the infantry heavy weapons section, ...
Soldiers. From up to down: -Infantryman -Paratrooper -Recon -Tanker -Pilot -General
Bronze 43-pounder Águia (Eagle) Gun cast in Portugal in 1549 by Joao Dias. This gun was used mainly in siege operations. This gun weighs 3,865 kg and has a ...
12.4-cm Espera bronze gun cast in Portugal in the 15th century. This gun was mainly used in siege operations. It is 301 cm long with a bore length of 282 cm ...
15-cm bronze siege Mortar M/96 with Canet breech, cast in Portugal in 1905. This was the last type bore length of bronze siege mortar made in Portugal.
Portuguese Colonial War Resource | Learn About, Share and Discuss Portuguese Colonial War At Popflock.com
Here is the uniform and equipment used in the "Portuguese hunter on short patrol - Late 60's (1)" impression. I used the earlier pattern M64 combat belt, ...
Portuguese Marines in white dress uniform, parading in the 2007 Bastille Day Military Parade in Paris
A Chinese funeral in Macau, a Portuguese colon.
12-cm RBL bronze, rifled breech-loading siege gun m/1884 cast in Portugal in 1909. This gun used a Krupp Steel sliding block and was the last bore length of ...
Bronze gun cast in Portugal mounted on a wood carriage.
9-mm FBP m/948 Submachine-gun developed from a design first conceived in 1940 by Gonçalves Cardoso, an officer of artillery in the Portuguese Army.
Bronze gun cast in Portugal mounted on a wood carriage.
The Portuguese Airforce employed Fiat G.91 aircraft like this in the Portuguese Colonial War.
Bronze 7-cm Rifled Mountain Gun M/1882 cast in Portugal in 1896, mounted on a mountain gun carriage. This type bore length of RBL Mountain Gun was the first ...
24 The Portuguese carne one day to my village. There were PIDES (secret police
Portuguese Colonial War Resource | Learn About, Share and Discuss Portuguese Colonial War At Popflock.com
The Museu Militar (Military Museum) located at Largo do Museu da Artilharia in Lisbon, stands on the site of a 16th-century shipyard.
Sailors, of one the naval infantry forces that participated in the Portuguese colonial expeditions of the late 19th and early 20th centuries, ...
Askari soldier from the german colony &ldquo ...
The right side of the group - some artillery, 1 British and 2 Portuguese infantry battalions and some Native Americans. Plus a horde of WW2 Russians in the ...
Henri Motte, Cardinal Richelieu at the siege o.
37mm Rocket Launcher (Source: Operational: Lança-Foguetes De 37mm Para Tropas Terrestres)
Camouflage berets
A Portuguese Army convoy dodges a trap on the .
Blood in the snow-Continuing evil in the Ardennes.
Bronze gun cast in Portugal, Pro patria et Gloria, located in the Albuquerque room on a tripod similar to the one in the blue tile room.
Portuguese soldiers returning from mission by helicopter (Puma) - African Colonial war 1961-
New: Belgian Army HQ + Belgian Infantry Squad
Crew of an M-24 tank along the Nakdong River front, August 1950
The risks of combat flying over the Portuguese colonies escalated dramatically in the late '60s and early '70s, largely because the Soviet SA-7 Strela ...
The M1 Bazooka
6 Feet Deep
New: British 8th Army HQ + MMG + Medium Mortar
List of equipment of the Royal Moroccan Army
UNMIL peacekeepers on patrol with an AML-90 in Liberia, July 2006.
Bubo Clipped In Sting
1954 :: Portuguese Soldiers Attending Mass In ..
Portuguese Marines landing. Marines Special Action Detachment divers approach the beach.
A Bolivian Army soldier armed with a 7.62mm FN FAL rifle stands guard during Fuerzas Unidas Bolivia, a joint U.S. and Bolivian training exercise.
New: Belgian Army Medium Mortar, Medium Machine Gun, Light Mortar and Sniper Teams
Moroccan soldiers pose for a photograph during African Lion 2007.
Camouflage berets
A Lesson in Democracy From Syria
Colin Powell in Panama
... the counterinsurgency era, Portugal made extensive use of helicopters. Both the Sud-Aviation Alouette II and Alouette III saw service in the colonies, ...
22 October:
New: 8th Army – 30 plastic figures