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... Client Relationships · Business Tips · Marketing Ideas · Sign Up · How to Use Geo-Targeted Facebook Ads for Your Salon
The clients I dread the most are those who say things like “Do whatever you want”
5 How ...
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No amount of money is worth a client that doesn't respect you or your work. The best thing you can do for yourself and your business is to just let that ...
This can have more impact than the percentage offer we've just looked at, as potential clients know immediately what they are saving.
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Your plan doesn't have to be long but it should establish the vision for your idea, your objectives, how you will deliver the plan and how it will make ...
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How to Start an Agency That's Set for Success
generate online reviews
Play video
Increase Your Salon Income: Be Your Own Competition
How to Leave Your Salon and Become Your Own Boss
But still, many businesses hesitate to narrow down prospects because they worry that means less potential clients. It does from a numbers perspective but it ...
Business Process Automation
Research Shows Having A Bad Website Can Hurt Your Business
If you want a successful online business these days, it's not enough to simply close the sale. You've got to help your customers fall in love with your ...
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Saying yes to customer requests you can't fulfill might end up costing you more in the long run.
How to Delight Your Customers
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Google Logo
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100 Effective Ways to Attract More Clients and Grow Your Event Planning Business (when time and money are in short supply)
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Instagram T Shirt Shopping Guide 02
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Business Headshot Tips
The keyword here is niche. Pick a narrow lane, and own it. I've struggled with this myself, trying to sell more products than we can possibly keep track of.
Use social media to build your salon client base
Launch with a bang:
Using Customer Service Email Templates
*High-performing service teams understand that the agent experience drives the customer experience
How to Get More Customers to Your Store on a Slow Day
Prepare Your Salon for the Holidays
Being honest with yourself about your business performance is the effective way of improving the conversation with your clients.
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... Client Intake Process: Building a Moat
attract retail customers Facebook marketing
How do you stop an irate customer from spreading the news?
Sometimes when I don't have a client's color—either because we're out of it or because I forgot to write it down last time—I don't say anything and just mix ...
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Marlena Stell in a screenshot from her controversial YouTube video.
An industry that is underserved by ecommerce is the industrial equipment and industrial pharmaceutical equipment industry.