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Healed 14g nostril piercing wearing a black niobium cbr from
Healed 14g nostril piercing wearing a black niobium cbr from #anatometal # piercing #piercings #bodyart
Fresh 16g #nostril #piercing with niobium cbr from #Anatometal to go with the healed 18g nostril with 2.5mm black opal #jewelry from #Neometal.
Nostril Piercing – Studs OK, this is probably the most popular type of nose piercing and it's easy to see why: nostril piercings can be extremely versatile ...
A healed 14g conch piercing that we did and upgraded to wear this beautiful 18k yellow gold King end from Anatometal! Such a beautiful piece for this ...
Anatometal Ruby and White CZ flower complimented by a Black Niobium for this daith! Contact
@ziljihanbr adding a really nice touch to this septum 😊 #precisionone #precisiononejewelry #
Kicking it Old School with this Niobium captive bead ring from Anatometal for this Center Lower Lip piercing (labret)! #danchan #fidelitytattooco ...
2 month old bridge piercing, freshly downsized with black onyx cabochon ends, and healed nostril piercings with black onyx bullet ends, on the lovely ...
Super cute nose rings ❤ liked on Polyvore featuring jewelry, piercings, accessories, nose rings, evening jewelry, holiday jewelry, studded … | piercing in ...
12g septum with a forward facing CBR from @anatometal with 2.5mm hematite cabs and a 3mm bezel set CZ.
had the pleasure to upgrade a client to this 16g custom niobium piece with a genuine
#philtrumpiercing by Bethany Day • #nostrilpiercings and #highnostrilpiercings by Noah Babcock • Jewelry
Double nose piercing
Upgraded this healed nostril to a @precision_one_jewelry seam ring and pierced her septum with their matte black CBR and a ...
Love the Double Nose Piercings! This is cute double hoops. Or you can do double studs! Or a hoop and a stud. Love that you can switch up the look!!
Fresh nostril featuring a 5/16 surgical steel CBR from @industrialstrength #piercingbymorgan #
Another @precision_one_jewelry CBR with the bead tucked away to give it a “seam ring” aesthetic while allowing for the ability to heal properly.
Daith piercing with niobium jewelry anodized black with a cool hematite bead. #adamsbodyart #
Holy moly, look at these stacks! Wonderfull use of our black niobium by @
22K Gold Rustic Disc Nose Stud, 20 gauge
Great work by @hijinkspiercing Keep it up yo!! #precisionone #precisiononejewelry #
14g Septum piercing with a circular barbell from @anatometalinc. That has been Anodized to
Nostril ...
This client is feeling that thrill after getting the piercing you've been wanted for
Daith, anneau en niobium 1,6x12,7mm bille titane 4mm ANATOMETAL. Merci
Daith, Body Piercings, Piercing Ideas, Beaded Rings, Pearl Rings, Piercings, Peircings. Association of Professional Piercers
Septum piercing eseguito con anello in titanio su @selmaematteo presso @alexdepasestoresudine
Rochelle's downsized philtrum healing well with a rose gold Hera piece from and also got to upgrade a couple of piercings not done by us.
New septum with ring from , healed lip piercings *not by us* upgraded with seam rings from . All in black niobium. Swipe to see a couple different views.
Woman With Nostril Piercings, Earlobe Piercings and a Dermal Piercing Performed by Arseniy Andersson
I got to do these paired nostril piercing on fellow piercer Roy Fowler at DV8 Body Art in Commerce, Michigan!
"When skill meets meets luck" 💍👃💍 · Fun [first!
I didn't perform this set of nostril piercings, but I did get to dress em up with this rose gold set up! A super sleek ring and a cute little heart make ...
This may look like a candid photo BUT truth is i posed for this myself because i love my new high nostril piercings 🙈 and can't stop adoring them.
Yesterday I had the pleasure of giving this young lady a new nostril piercing. Featuring
White cz nostril piercing on the bride to be Janell! #piercings #piercingsbyface #
Custom 14g Niobium ring anodized bronze with a black teardrop opal captive bead From @wearwolf
Sara finally came in to get her @industrialstrength black niobium continuous ring! Yayaahh!
I got to install this 14k Rose Gold seam ring in a healed septum I did
Upgraded this healed septum (not done by me) to this gorgeous 14K yellow Gold Talia seam ring by LeRoi . .. #SeptumPiercing #SeamRing #Talia #LeRoi #14KGold ...
One of my favorites stopped by to see me today, I pierced her septum forever
Fresh paired lower lip piercings for @tatted_dad_13 pierced by me at @serenitybodyarts using two 14g straight barbells with disk backs 😊😊😊.
Changed out Cai's healed 10GA conch piercing to two 14GA Black Matte Niobium CBR from @
... Nose Piercing Pictures from the Painful Pleasures Photo Gallery .
Check out this big ol' beastly circular barbell that I got to install in my
custom industrial
Performed this nostril piercing on the rad-tastic @yourbarberjayson coming to us from @theshopsalon, a phenomenal spot that we happen to share a building ...
A little hugger for this fresh septum in a slightly atypical place. Pierced with a CBR, bead rolled inside the nostril, to give the illusion of a seam ring ...
( @precision_one_jewelry ). Some slick, well healed, double nostril piercings from ...
Rose Gold Nose Ring, Rose Gold Hoop, Rose Gold Piercings, Nose Jewelry,
Double the nostril piercing equals double the fun! The front piercing is healed and the
Healed paired high nostrils I did on @painforsaleryan. Jewelry from @anatometalinc Black Oynx
A couple nostril piercings I performed lastnight. People love the nostril piercings and I love doing them. We are officially out of nostril pins ... aka ...
Healing/ freshly downsized, paired lip piercings featuring surgical steel 1/8 beads from
Was my septum done in the right spot?(i.redd.it)
@luci_doll_piercing installed this amazing @interstellarjewelryproductions swirly opalite piece into Tera's healed conch (not
New septum (4 days old) doesn't seem to be hanging down like most pictures I've seen. I've been TRYING the LITHA method but I can't help myself when it ...
In true party girl fashion, our Holiday Limited Edition Earrings add vibrance to the guest list, sparkle to any conversation, and a graceful swing to every ...
Such a beautiful piece 💘 We upgrade a healed Daith piercing with Handmade Niobium jewelry with
This was a blast to perform on you, as always! Pierced at @undergroundtattoostation. Healing with @neilmedpiercingaftercare✨ ...
Above: Laura Jane has pierced her client using these techniques. She has opted to give a small amount of room for swelling on this fresh piercing, ...
When piercing with a ring, I will make a dot on the cleaned nostril with a disposable gentian violet marker, and then place an SPR on the mark.
Healed piercing by @coyote.black @mantispiercing #mantistattoo #mantistattoopa #mantispiercing .
Raymond King, Jr. ( @sadistic_magician )
Lip Piercings by Arseniy Andersson
Conch and inner helix jewelry made in house @bellapiercing conch piercing by @derekianpiercing fully healed. Inner helix piercing by @nicfoxpiercing #avl ...
Conch originally pierced and healed with a barbell now fitted with two solid gold seam rings, twin lobe piercings wearing tiny gold rings, and existing ...
Fresh nostril piercing from Friday, looks great on her! The jewelry is big enough
Cutie patootie septum on the one and only @lunaphases_ 🖤🖤🖤 Pierced with a
Anatometal: Niobium Captive Bead Ring with Rubber Bead
Rainy day niobium Esoteric and Divine hearts from @leroifinejewelry ☁ · · Niobium is
After waiting years of healing, they came in to redo high lobe/lower midway piercings. She loved and appreciated the ...
Got my nose pierced. Thoughts? May get a ring or take it out and get ear pierced. Most guys don't get a nose piercing.(i.redd.it)
Septum Ring, Septum Jewelry, 14k Septum Piercing, Gypsy Nose Ring, Cartilage,
Piercing ideas? I have a few ideas floating around but I'd like to see what y'all think would look good on me !(i.redd.it)
I pierced his septum at a 14g back in December and today we stretched and upgraded! He is now in a 12g real solid bone tusk from @oraclebodyjewelry He ...
Did you know you can start with large gauge jewelry? This conch from @dustinbastian
The beautiful @slightly.high came in today and I had the pleasure of adding
Got to do some 8g lobe piercings on my buddy Dan today with some ruby color
4g @gorillaglass All Black . . Healing With @neilmedpiercingaftercare . Please leave a review
Adam Block, one of my favorite piercers (and favorite people), wears nose bones by BVLA. Adam pierces at The End is Near in Brooklyn, New York.
Healed nostril not pierced by me. We switched her jewelry to a captive with a genuine opal bead!
Cadillac Piercing (Thalita) ( @cadillacpiercing )
Discover the entire Wildcat Piercing collection
He got his nostril pierced with this swanky little black opal, and she got her septum pierced with this high polish 14g circular barbell!
... Few months old healed nostril piercing with this awesome turquoise end, downsized to a better
Recent Piercing Work
Kaylee is sporting some healed paired nostrils, a healing double conch and a pair of
Double helix piercings by @mr.bronson with some 14g titanium captive bead rings!
Nose piercing by @lilipiercing #miamipiercing
Black Cat Collective ( @blackcatperkasie ). New jewelry from Leroi @leroifinejewelry for Chelsea's healed daith piercing!
White Gold For this double nostril! Fresh nostril with3-bead 14k White Gold end
A stunning piece that I will most certainly need to order more of for future helixes, conches, lips, and a daring statement for a baller nostril piercing.
Loved doing this tragus with this 14g clear gemmed cluster. It's the perfect accent for
7/16” @precision_one_jewelry Niobium CBR with synthetic White Opal bead for a “statement” of a piece!
Changed out this nostril piercing to this custom concept from @interstellarjewelryproductions check out there page! Amazing jewelry and we can order ...
Counter staff extraordinaire @katelynrobyn got her coinslot filled today with some steel and niobium!