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We all see what Germany did with italy an germany doll right? ~hetalia funny < < < a-actuarry, me and Itary-kun did that t-to see Germany-sans reaction.
LOL i don't ship gerita, but this is so funny!
I think I don't ever want to recall that terrible experience>> I need an episode where Romano and Prussia become bff and spy and gossip on Italy and Germany
And people still don't believe gerita is canon... or that germany is in love with italy.
i like gerita better than nyo but this is way to funny
Look what i found in a drawing book! Nyo! Germany and Nyo! Italy < <
Call the police and the firemen
Oh, I can't see the similarity at all! (For the record, that was sarcasm. It's… | 2P!Hetalia | Hetalia, Anime, Fandoms
Hetalia - For those of ya'll who don't know, Feli always
Wow < < Excuse me while I go make inhuman noises due to being a gerita fan < < That's what Hetalia yaoi does to humanity
I never actually read what Germany was thinking before. I just did and I can
UHM-- GAWD, I'm so new to Fanpop sorry-- I'm trying to get used to posting stuff and stuff so yeah. :T Have some Gerita I found somewhere one upon a time.
Aaaa sorry this isn't in order (Credit to: theadventuresofpotatoboy on Tumblr) · Hetalia FunnyHetalia ...
GerIta vs USUK : If They're Married Couple by ForeverMedhok | Hetalia! | Pinterest | Usuk, Hetalia and Anime
Haha funny!! XD go on germany lad!! Gerita- germany x italy found on tumblr xx
I honestly wonder about the true sanity about Germany sometimes. But omg I can't stop laughing XD >>>> um yeah after the whole "mein schticky friend" thing.
Hetalia GerIta Canon, I Ship It, Usuk, Fandoms, Hetalia Funny, Cute
APH : Feli goes to heaven
GerIta Class Introduction Aph England, Hetalia Characters, Hetalia Funny, Hetaoni, Anime Stuff
*Laughing so hysterically I fell off my chair* I CAN'T THIS IS
It's okay, I didn't need my heart anyways..... Hetalia ...
Gerita Heaven — yumekotan: This time it's a Spamano.
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Italy drawn by Germany!? Lol, and his curl making a heart, so adorable. | Sweet Hetalia | Pinterest | Hetalia, Anime and Manga
You'll be back in no time < < don't worry I got ambulances for all the hetalia fans. < <
GERITA! OTP FOR LIFE #Ship #LoveIsLove I support these precious cinnamon rolls. Who's with me?
SpainVSGermany-The aftermatch by kuroneko3132.deviantart.com on @deviantART gerita and spain
Don't take advantage of my brother while he's drunk, potato bastard! OR
hetalia-mpreg gerita 8 (don't ship but twins are fucking cute)
Now-a wait just a pasta making minute!
hre- Holy Roman Empire>>> It's true though. The Holy Roman Empire ends up as Germany.
Lord almighty (oh crap did I just pin this again for the third time?! Damn it sorry!) | ~Doitsuism Church~ | Pinterest | Hetalia, Fandoms and Anime
Hetalia World ☆ Stars - Chapter 40 Original Translation: donamoeba // kurukurumaki Scanlation: pandabaozi TN: Germany's Romantic Road is a route of ...
You can't buy fun but you can download it
Another reason why GerIta ought to be canon
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funny, hetalia, and tumblr image
GerIta - Lei Chi Sono Dolci by RenjiAbaraiGR on DeviantArt
GerIta and AmeriPan- "good thing the other allies aren't here" what you planning on doing america
Not according to the fangirls and shippers Hetalia Anime, Hetalia Funny, Spamano, Usuk
Doitsu doesn't need gun. Doitsu is superior in every situation. ALL HAIL TO OUR…
I would be there with Romano just laughing and watching the scene play out Spamano,
I don't know what it is, but whenever I see it I crack a smile :) < < < Germany and Italy from Hetalia!
Hima knows what he's doing.
lesson: don't threaten Germany unless you want Italy to go mafia on you
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Hetalia Funny UKUS strip PART 1 Ichikabachika Part 2/3
Wallpaper and background photos of GERITA! for fans of Hetalia-Gerita images.
I worry for the hetalia fandom.
Don't mind me, it's just my OTP The little mermaid- Gerita by
hetalia, gerita
Germany x Italy, Gerita, Hetalia
Hetalia Funny Moments #1 (DUBBED)
Too Many Cooks by saxitlurg.deviantart.com on @deviantART- Italy's face when
Germany And Prussia, Hetalia Germany, Hetalia Axis Powers, Hetaoni, Central Europe, Countries, Supernatural
Ok so warning it's not exactly clean but I thought it was the funniest thing I
GerIta: Who are you? (ep.1) by NonexistentWorld Adorable! Spamano
Hetalia where it shouldn't be < < < no, Hetalia where it SHOULD be! Hetalia belongs everywhere!
nooo you can't do that to chibitalia
Hetalia - GerIta - Can't stand it(super duper cute)
I don't really care for USUK and don't ship Pruaus but this is cute and i just love Spamano! Also GerIta and DenNor in here!
#gerita#aph gerita#axis powers hetalia#axis powers ヘタリア#hetalia#my otp# hetalia otp#otp hetalia#meme#funny memes#funny images#funny pics#hetalia ...
Pure Bliss-GerIta (Hetalia fanfic) *YAOI*
Hetalia Lemons:. (REQUESTS CLOSED!)
I don't ship Germany and Italy, but this picture of Germany dancing with Nyo!Italy is absolutely gorgeous! (Heck, I may mildly ship Germany and Nyo!
#meme hetalia#hetalia meetup#hetalia meme#meme#funny meme#meme funny#funny images#funny pics#funny gif#funny#axis powers ヘタリア#axis powers ...
Oh my god that looks like my friend Andrew. And another friend of mine had · Hetalia FunnyGermany ...
Hetalia Doujinshi - Sono Felice! Scanlation - Gerita Eng
My Little Italy: Hetalia Gerita Fanfic
Born From War: Hetalia WWII, Gerita
#gerita#aph gerita#axis powers hetalia#axis powers ヘタリア#hetalia#hetalia otp#otp hetalia#gerita otp#otp gerita#moments collection#my otp is perfect#my ...
APH GerIta Vine Compilation
This may not be the best place to post it but this is something I feel the need to share and see if there's anyone else who feels the same way.
Hetalia halloween comic 2011~
Gerita request from the Hetalia Amino! #watercolour #anime #aph #fanart #
My heart just broke cause it's not my otp :( (I slip Gerita)> I don't ship it either, I ship AusHun, but this is beautiful.
Hetalia- GerIta=confessions in bed
seven minutes in heaven (hetalia)
hetalia, aph germany, and gerita image
View Fullsize Axis Powers: Hetalia Image
Gerita collection (Smex/yaoi/cuteness/Some one-shots/Some on going stories)
Hetalia Shots!
sully-s: “ I have a head cannon that nations can't be
Unforgettable [GerIta]
Author has written 121 stories for Teen Titans, Sherlock Holmes, FAKE, Death Note, Code Geass, Evangelion, Princess Tutu, Shakespeare, Hetalia - Axis Powers ...
#adorable #america #anime #boyxboy #britain #cute #funny #gay #gerita #germany #hetalia #italy #love #romance #usuk #yaoi
Fun Hetalia Facts 2