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Cross modulated FM X MOD amp filtered FX chains birdkids RAVEN
Cross modulated FM / X MOD & filtered FX chains // birdkids RAVEN prototype patches #4
#2hp #2hpTuesdays
Moonmodular 505 Multi Mode Filter
Yamaha Reface DX Gets 50 Control Programmer From DTronics
Waves Introduces Flow Motion FM Synth
Part FX Processor, Part Synth
My 3u84hp (Dixie II is the only module I don't have yet, gotta wait for funds)
Rhodes Chroma Polaris Synth Sampled
Create Monster Sounds For Halloween
Waves Abbey Road TG Mastering Chain
Overcome - Lewin Barringer
REAMP - AUv3 Audio Gear Modeler by Klevgrand - Demo & Review for the iPad
Bitcrusher For iOS
AJH Synth Glide + Noise // busboard pitch distribution, slew/lag and noise
Plug-In For A Better Way Of Panning
Ravens activate Kenneth Dixon
12 Stompbox Classics Revisited
From Demo To Master Chapter 2
Iconic Wurlitzer Electric Piano Revisited
DIY Plate Reverb From Hacked Ikea Parts
Doepfer A-188-1D BBD 4096 Stages
Filter as a voice & AM over all voices // birdkids RAVEN prototype patches #
Logic Pro X - EASY ARRANGEMENT BUILDING w/Arrangement Markers
Top 5 Synths 2018 | Moog, Uno Synth, Elektron, Prophet X, Yamaha
Moffenzeef Modular Stargazer with FX // More drones, more distortion, more dead dreams
Multi-Voice Chorus For Mac
ModularGrid Rack
FL Studio 301: Advanced Production Workflows - 2. Side-Chain Compression
Make Noise Pressure Points CHAIN CABLE--9-
Kickstart Needed For RAVEN Synth
Unison detune and PWM melody // birdkids RAVEN prototype patches #3
Modor Comb Filter Eurorack Module
Bass & squelch riff // birdkids RAVEN prototype patches #5
Boss Nextone vs Valve Amps & it's your turn to wear the blindfold!
Doepfer A-100 5V-Adapter
What is a chord?
nothing too wild but seriously usable...will be cross patched with my other 3 cases most days, but can come on holiday with me when I go see the family up ...
Grendel - Drone Commander 2 Expander
Encore Electronics Universal Event Generator
Blue Lantern Modules Cobalt Smelter Lab
GATE 1994 ECE Wien Bridge Oscillator, frequency at which zero transmission occurs
Feedback Networks
Do It Yourself PART 4 - Factory Data Reset
Example of Practical Feedback Network
Feedback Network In Artificial Neural Network Explained In Hindi
Operational amplifiers
Togwald / Fabwald - the ultimate audio visual feedback network