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Ayy I39ve been introduced to a new kind of piercing Pinner I wanted
Ayy, I've been introduced to a new kind of piercing Pinner: I wanted the industrial, but apparently have weird shaped ears, so I got the UFO piercing .
1000 ideas about cool ear piercings on ear
I already have two outer conch piercings but seeing the three stars together makes me want one more.
So, if you have never ever tried any of these piercing look, then promise to do so this new year. We hope the information provided by us on top 8 cute ear ...
My tragus piercing :) I soo want my rook done
Cool Cute Piercings, Unique Ear Piercings, Body Piercings, Piercing Ideas, Industrial Piercing
My rook
Been wanting to get another ear piercing for awhile. Decided I am going to do the rook piercing!
snug and double rook.
Cartilage Piercings, Cute Ear Piercings, Faux Rook Piercing
I probably want my tongue pierced more than any other piercing or tattoo! I've wanted it forever
I love my rook piercing!
My rook yuuup :)
Might be my next piercings. Been a while since I've had one done
I really like this and really want to do it! Abyss Body Piercing
✖ ✧pinterest | @hellxamanda✧✖ | Piercings | Pinterest | Piercings, Piercing and Tattoo
Faux Rook Piercing, Piercing Tattoo
Industrial piercing | #Tragus #Rook #Plug #Christmas #thanksgiving #Holiday #
cartilage piercings I'm not sure about this one X Tattoo, Piercing Tattoo,
I want my nose pierced so bad :) please mom @
Pac-Man ear piercing
Here's a nice Daith piercing Kali did with a Anatometal white opal cluster. Cute!
i want this earcuff!
I have 2 holes in each ear BUT I've wanted to do this for
i sorta kinda totally want this Helix Piercings, Triple Piercing, Unique Piercings, Three
I have my lip pierced(: I kinda want a lip ring like this.
#Piercings - Rook and Helix Helix Piercings, Diath Piercing, Cool Piercings, Tragus
New peacock feather earrings from tawapa to go along with her Anatometal dangle
As you can tell, I'm a fan of piercings; I now have seven in my left ear. I've wanted new piercings for a while, so when my fabulous bl.
Unusual tongue piercing - get the look with a coned steel spiral or change it up with a titanium jewelled spiral! I have always wanted a tongue piercing and ...
One of the most adorable industrial piercings I've ever seen. Done by Bryan
This is so pretty but idk if I want to get my ear pierced like that
Love this , I want my piercings to look like that . plus a tragus piercing…
ear piercings | Tumblr
Doing this one soon :) Vertical Tragus Piercing, Smiley Piercing, Ear Piercings Tragus
Information on the different types of Ear Piercings names for men and women including tragus and helix. Browse these cool, unique ear piercings ideas.
Ear Piercings as Acupuncture: Finding Relief through Auriculotherapy Rook Piercing - Almost Famous Body Piercing
Piercing Na Orelha Tumblr, Body Piercings, Piercing Ring, Unique Ear Piercings
"A Snug piercing is a type of body piercing that is done in the ear's inner cartilage about halfway down (also known as the anti-helix area).
Snug Piercing and Conch - I want just a stud in the snug piercing and a
This is also kind of cool. :) Piercings Na Orelha, Ear Peircings,
conch orbital
Pierced my daith! tattoos-and-piercings-3 Tongue Web Piercing, Daith
Septum Piercing Men, Ear Piercings, Smiley Piercing, Guys With Nose Piercings, Tragus
Fresh #tripleforwardhelix piercing with #titanium jewelry by #anatometal (at Evolution Piercing)
#rook #helix #piercing Loving my ear piercings Rook, Body Modifications, Ear
Tongue web piercing "want"
Cute Ear piercings I want that style when I am older Cartilage Piercings, Three Ear
Multiple ear piercing Star Earrings, Cute Earrings, Pierced Earrings, Multiple Ear Piercings,
Daith Daith Piercing Migraine, Piercing Tattoo, Body Piercing, Cool Piercings, Piercing Ideas
going to get the "snug" piercing but three in a row not two.
Vertical Bridge #bodypiercingbymatte. Abyss Body Piercing
Nose, septum, and smiley piercing. I love septum and nose piercing want both when I'm older but I've never considered and smiley although this is really ...
Top 21 different types of ear piercings that you can't miss. If you want to wear ear piercings, checking out these ideas now.
lightning bolt
Dazzle Opal Ear Piercing in Baby Blue
Submission by tobiasfl If you would like to submit your body modification
If anyone is wanting to get a piercing contact he's a professional piercer at also if you want to order som.
Double nose piercing (: Nose Piercing Placement, Double Nostril Piercing, Cute Piercings,
Like wow, I want a boyfriend who has his lips
Heart in rook piercing
Triple Forward Helix w/ Stars
A tragus piercing is a very subtle form of body modification. Most tragus earrings are low-key and small, although there are a few designs.
Want these [via @Breanna Newbill Newbill McGee❤ ] ~ They are indeed VERY
I've got several piercings in both ears. Not as many as this woman has in the photo but currently 3 piercings in each ear.
Pick your favorite type and get that ear piercing done. Opt for different ear piercing combination.
Sheri Utecht, from Woodland, Washington claims she has been cured of her severe migraines after having a 'daith' ear piercing, pictured.
Decided this is the next piercing I want once my helix is completely healed. Rook
I want this so badddddddd <3 #tongueweb Tongue Web Piercing, Septum,
new ear piercing | Tumblr #ear #piercings #cartilage #lobes New Ear Piercing
A friend of mine's Double Snug piercing. This is what I want mine to look
I want a ufo piercing sooooo bad omg Tragus Piercings, Daith, Peircings, Body
I'm obsessing about these outer conch piercings!
Daith Star by Chris Saint, piercing ideas, piercings. The part that i pierced through the ear is straight fyi
love three pierces
The 50 most unique multiple ear piercing ideas
Art Diamond Cartilage Ear Piercing (highest piercing in this pic) hair-beauty
Triple Forward Helix Pretty Ear Piercings, Ear Peircings, Tragus Piercings, Body Piercings,
Snug Piercing Snug Piercing, Cool Piercings, Piercing Tattoo, Body Modifications, Peircings,
Ear piercing Cute Piercings, Body Piercings, Piercing Tattoo, Unique Ear Piercings, Piercing
Microdermal in Neck Piercing Studio, Body Piercings, Piercing Tattoo, Professional Tattoo, Body
My upper ear has been naked for far too long.
I have my lobs and tragus done for my ear piercings but I'm always looking for a new, ...
two belly button piercings and a hip piercing . thats awesome tattoos- piercings
Ear Piercings <3 Ear Piercings, Body Peircings, Piercing Tattoo, Different Types
Inner Conch Piercing - if i ever stop being terrified, i want this Inner Conch
cute little heart tongue stud Lip Piercing, Tongue Piercings, Body Piercings, Candy Lips
Okay, we're not saying that you hard working college students should take your financial aid money and treat yourself to a new fancy piercing.
My piercings: tripple forward helix and lobe/ cartilage. Tripple Helix Piercing, Lobe
ear piercings | Tumblr Tragus Piercings, Cute Ear Piercings, Ear Peircings, Piercing Tattoo
love the piercing, I've want that kind of piercing for years now Lip
Forward helix piercings. I like the heart Ear Peircings, Cute Ear Piercings, Piercings
Outer conch piercing with fancy cluster from Anatometal ❤️
septum and medusa piercing | i've got the septum... now all
Cartilage piercing Cute Earrings, Unique Earrings, Cartilage Ring, Ear Piercings, Piercing Tattoo
This is about the range of the auricle ear piercing. Beautiful. New Ear Piercing
I love that it's diagonal and not vertical. I've been wanting piercings.