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1803 Infantry Officer39s sword Blades and Swords t Sword
Six Civil War Era Swords
Model 1852 Naval Officer's Sword and Scabbard
Model 1852 Naval Officer's Sword
H. Horstmann & Sons U.S. Naval Officer's Sword
Two Circa 1852 Naval Officer's Swords
Japanese Naval Officers Sword and a Calvary Sword.
United States Naval Officer's Gilt-metal Mounted and Carved Ivory Grip Sword
U.S. Naval Officers WWII Sword.
Two American Military Swords
Group of Seven Military Swords
P1897snip.jpg P1892snips.jpg
Abraham Lincoln Signed Naval Commission and Model 1851 Naval Officer's Sword
Four American Naval Officer's Uniform Articles
Four Brass Buckles
British School, 19th Century Portrait of a Naval Officer
"Don't Give Up the Ship" Naval Battle Enamel Decorated Silver Pocket Watch · "
Cast Brass and Etched Glass Hanging Lamp
Thirteen Civil War Naval Letters, Maps, and Engravings
Twenty-eight Post-Civil War Cabinet Cards
Group of Gilt Naval Buckles and Liberty Head Coins
Molded Brass and Glass Hanging Lamp
Naval Officer's Chest Identified to Captain Z. Holland
Felt and Leather Massachusetts Officer's Militia Hat
Sixth-plate Daguerreotype of Passed Midshipman Kidder Randolph Breese, U.S.N.
Painted Tin Militia Hat Plate
Polychrome Paint-decorated Tin Militia Hat Plate
Chittenden, Thomas (1730-1797)
Militia Officer's Waist Belt and Officer's Pommel Pistol Holders
(War of 1812), McMechen, Samuel
Five Early New England Paper Documents
Polychrome-decorated Liverpool Creamware Jug
Invoice for a Set of Patterns for Militia Uniform Items
Fragment of a Massachusetts Militia Canvas Knapsack
Levi Lincoln Signed Document
Seven 18th Century Handwritten Documents on Paper Related to the Debeavois Family of Brookland, King's
Militia Laws of the United States
Pressed Brass Militia Hat Plate
Two Civil War Era, Maine Military Enlistment and Discharge Related Documents
Pine Paint-decorated Militia Box
Attributed to Lemuel Francis Abbott (British, 1760-1803) Portrait of a Naval
Hancock, John (1737-1793)
Polychrome Black Transfer Decorated Liverpool Jug
Trophy Cup
A Typical Infantry Officer's Sword of the 1850s (the hilt was the 1822 pattern, with the new improved 1845 fullered blade):
British 1897 Pattern Infantry Officer's Sword (guard folded on the inner edge and the guard perforations made smaller in general):
Confederate Staff and Field Officer's Sword By Boyle & Gamble
CIVIL WAR INFANTRY OFFICER'S SWORD. See more. from Faganarms · Image from http://www.civilwarpreservations.com/images/Museum/
In the 1890s a rapid succession of regulation changes happened to British infantry officers' swords. The overall movement was away from a cut and thrust .
As with all officer's swords of the 18th and 19th centuries, the 1803 is as ornate as the officer could afford. Blades are found plain, etched and in .
Antique arms, armour, military swords, uniforms, German daggers and more - michaeldlong. Nice English Napoleonic 1796 Pattern Cavalry Sword .
Royal Horse Guards (the ... Military Ceremonial Sword ...
To understand a sword, you must be able to make them, and use them, after all.
In 1930's mounted artillery units of Finnish Army had sword scabbards of their cavalry swords blued, while other Finnish cavalry sword users continued to .
Sciabola della cavalleria e delle compagniedi élite della fanteria inglese
$39.95 q ✍ R16; 2.
Boyle & Gamble of Richmond, Virginia was the Confederacy's most prolific maker of officer's swords and the company's field and staff officer's sword is .
army officer 39 s sword with engraved eagle
Pattern 1796 Heavy Cavalry Trooper's Sword.
Nice English Napoleonic 1796 Pattern Cavalry Sword .
The 1796 heavy cavalry sword is a brute of a weapon. Fans of Bernard Cornwell's British Napoleonic rifle officer, Richard Sharp, will remember that he .
The English Cutlass Carried during the 1600's and 1700's, this sword was also called a .
Richard Topham’s first commission was as an ensign in the Royal Lancashire Militia (1st March, 1855). Soon thereafter, he was promoted lieutenant (June, .
British 1796 Light Cavalry Sabre - Dural blade -Practical